CLIAS has experience in operating vessels under two different flags,  Malta and Turkish.

The major strength of CLIAS are its people working at its offices and onboard of the managed vessels. All our office staff have a maritime education/experience gained at sea and/or ashore in different shipping companies.

We are owning and operating 3 dry cargo vessels, 2 bunker vessels and 6 tanker marpol service vessels. We provide berth-to-ship and ship to ship transportation services for our customers.

We are always ready to provide good service to our new and current customers with experienced office and ship crew.

We are providing a range of Maritime Services which can be briefly summarized as shipowning and ship management.

We undertake the technical and the operation matters of our home tonnages and tonnages which are under our management with our highly skilled staff.


Vessel NameVessel TypeDWTYear BuiltLive Position
KOLIN 1Mooring Boat2006
M/T KOLIN 2Tanker1.8541983
M/T KOLIN 3Tanker4781980
M/T KOLIN 4Tanker1.4321987
M/T KOLIN 5Tanker4.276,941989
M/T KOLIN 7Tanker3.857,861994
M/T KOLIN 8Tanker3.3841996
M/T KOLIN 9Tanker7.1192008
KEPEZService Boat1984
M/V HAZARGeneral Cargo26.051,62013
M/V ELAZIZGeneral Cargo26.051,52013