As CLIAS we act as a physical supplier on the Dardanelles straits together with our exclusive partner BUNKER ONE. (

We supply bunker fuel (VLSFO/LSMGO) at the straits of the Dardanelles by barge and ex-pipe.

We use the great location of BOZCAADA ISLAND as a base for our bunker operations which allows the owners/operators to save time and Money due to fast and sound deliveries.We also perform bunker deliveries at various ports and anchorages along the Dardanelles such as; ALIAGA, NEMRUT BAY, ICDAS, AKCANSA and KARABIGA.

Our philosophy is that bunkering hinges on two fundamental factors.Service and trust. As a client you have to be absolutely sure that you can get exactly the quality and quantity you want. When and where you want it-always at a very competitive price of course.

Thank to our partnership with BMS UNITED BUNKERS we have an experienced,enthusiastic team and extensive network covering every corner of the World, you can rest assure that your bunker fuel will be delivered precisely as agreed. You can count on us reducing us reducing your vessels idle time to an an absolutely minimum. CLIAS & BMS uses the double hull tankers in its fleet to delivery bunkers using MARPOL ANNEX VI supply procedures, sampling and documentations and guaranteeing ISO:8217:2010 for all grades.