C L I A S  has a vast and widespread network of contacts in every corner of Turkey. Therefore we are able to offer you full range of agency services from busiest to most remote ports/waters.

Main office in Canakkale and operating office in Istanbul,  C L I A S  carry out following operations with local expertise including but not limited to;


  • Detailed PDA/FDA
  • Local knowledge on line ups
  • Efficient communication with authorities
  • On time reporting
  • Smart ways to reduce costs by foreseeing the hurdles


  • Technicial Supervision
  • Reliable Vendor Arrangement
  • Spare part Custom Clearance
  • Offlanding Spare Part
  • Arranging AirFleeting and Warehousing
  • Bunker Samples Landing


  • Medical Arrangement


  • Cash to Master
  • Security Services


  • Transportation with own auto fleet
  • Own launch boat
  • ONA (OwnerS Nominated Agency) :   Full agency service for and on behalf of  the ship owner
  • OPA (OwnerS Protecting Agency) :   Rewiewing the Charterers’s agency function
  • OHA (OwnerS Husbandry Agency) :   Comprehensive Service basis supply    on time